EWHN: 13th Conference 4th to 6th October 2013

European Work Hazards Network Conference 2013: Fighting for safe and healthy work and a safe and healthy world.

Bringing together workplace activists from the EU and other European Countries alongside occupational health and safety specialists and academics, this 13th biennial conference aims to:

  • Work for equality of health and safety prevention and protection across Europe;
  • Give workers and professionals new instruments and tools to make real risk assessments in all workplaces
  • Give workers and professionals new solutions (technical and organisational) to assure healthy workplaces
  • Build support for the role of trade unions and their representatives on health and safety issues.
  • Extend the EWHN to new EU member Countries and all European Countries;
  • Provide a platform for the development of national Work Hazards Networks across Europe;
  • Continue to develop close links with H&S activists in other regions of the world.

The European Work Hazards Network is a unique international forum now with recognised NGO status uniting workers and activists with different skills and backgrounds. It is a permanent network of labour, health and safety representatives and professionals across Europe with many participating national organisations and networks.

This Conference takes place again within an expanded EU Community, in the midst of a massive global economic crisis, in which workers’ rights across the globe are continuously under attack, together with underlying questions about some of the fundamental principles of capitalism.

Liberalisation, globalisation and work pressures are sweeping across Europe, bringing privatisation, outsourcing, rationalisation of work and migrant workforces. Cuts lead to unemployment. Workers are under time pressure in both public and private sectors. Employers demand increased flexibility – from the full and part-time employed as well as from casual workers.

In this time, what are the real levels of workers health and safety protection across the whole of Europe? How can we strengthen the ways in which we defend and enhance workers rights under health and safety?

A strengthening of the collective fight for a better cross-border occupational environment is crucial for the European and indeed the global workforce.

Through this conference, workers, labour representatives, health and safety representatives, together with occupational safety professionals, have the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge and experiences. Together we seek to develop new strategies for a better occupational environment in Europe and beyond.

Work Related Stress


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